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Many of today's most well known artists and rising stars were discovered after being added to Spotify playlists. Thanks to the Spotify API, we have access to millions of public playlists. Find playlists and playlist curators that fit your style and organize a killer marketing campaign for your newest releases, all with DirectPlaylists.

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By registering with us, you can have access to DirectPlaylists Search, our advanced engine that crawls through Spotify playlists so you don't have to.

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After entering some keywords and applying any desired filters, we will deliver you as many playlists as we can find, as well as the playlist curator contact information for you to get in touch and get placed.

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After 'favoriting' any playlists that fit your vision, you can view them under your account for future reference so you can take action and get your releases on playlists.

Our Mission

As DIY musicians ourselves, we grew tired of the helplessness we felt when we'd release music that we poured our blood, sweat, and tears into for months, only for nobody to listen. Everybody deserves a shot at getting their music to people's ears; we created DirectPlaylists to help fellow musicians take music marketing into their own hands and finally get their art heard.